October 2011

Sir Ken Robinson on Public Education

Posted on: 31st October 2011

“Our children are living in the most intensely stimulating period in the history of the earth…Many brilliant people think they’re not” Take a few minutes to look at this great…

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New to Teen Spirit? What to expect, by a Teen Spirit member

Posted on: 26th October 2011

We asked a member of Teen Spirit to tell us about her very first time at Body & Soul. Here, she tells you how she felt on her first visit…

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Writing your CV

Posted on: 24th October 2011

In the second blog spot from our volunteers in the HR Recruitment and Rewards team at The Body Shop, they give you their 10 top tips for writing a successful…

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Interview Techniques

Posted on: 21st October 2011

This week, a group of volunteers from the HR Recruitment and Rewards team at The Body Shop spent a day lending their time and skills at Body & Soul. In…

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This Week’s Resident TeenSpirit Blogspot: Celebs & Charity #2

Posted on: 19th October 2011

In my blog last week I spoke about celebrities who don’t do much with their position in the public eye and those who have helped raise issues that have never…

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Who inspires me: Gil Scott-Heron

Posted on: 18th October 2011

Hello fellow Body & Soul blog fans! I volunteer here at Body & Soul as part of my school program in the USA. First off, I’m a HUGE fan of music….

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This Week’s Resident Teen Spirit Blogspot: Celebrities & Charity #1

Posted on: 13th October 2011

Hi Teen Spirit readers, I’m working here at Body & Soul on my school placement and I’ve been given the task of launching the Teen Spirit Resident Blogspot. This whole…

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Uni Survival Guide #2: Flick and Tony Head to Uni (What to Pack…)

Posted on: 12th October 2011

In this second installment from our friends at LeapCR, Flick and friends, and rising star Suitcase Tony remind you what stuff to take to uni, and that the most important thing to remember…

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HIV Education in the US

Posted on: 11th October 2011

A few times a year, Body & Soul is lucky to host a few American students on foreign study placements in London. In this blog, one of the our current placement students…

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Uni Survival Guide #1: The Student Guide to Saving

Posted on: 7th October 2011

Last week, a group of volunteers from Leap CR spent the day at Body & Soul producing a series of short films with tips and advice for anyone starting University…

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