This Week’s Resident TeenSpirit Blogspot: Celebs & Charity #2

Posted on: 19th October 2011

In my blog last week I spoke about celebrities who don’t do much with their position in the public eye and those who have helped raise issues that have never been addressed before.

Thanks for all your comments and input. A few of you thought that celebrities do charity work for the publicity and others said it doesn’t matter why they do it in the first place, as long as they raise more awareness and get their charities recognised.

This all made me wonder how much newer and younger celebrities like Justin Bieber, Tinie Tempa etc could help by putting their name to a cause because they are at the top of the food chain in the celeb world at the moment.

If they were involved in a charity campaign, every male and female would want to know more about it, more about the charities they are representing and more about getting involved in supporting the charity.

I found out recently that JLS supports the sexual health charity Brook. Brook helps young people challenge negative attitudes towards sexuality and sex. One example of JLS’s involvement in this charity is they have made their own condom brand with Durex. Have a look at the video to see what JLS have to say about safe sex and sexual health.


When I heard this, and saw that some celebrities are happy to work with issues that others wouldn’t be comfortable with, I thought who would best represent Body & Soul, who would work side by side with Body & Soul to bring more awareness?

Body & Soul already has a load of brilliant patrons, anyone who’s come to a Teen Spirit summer or Christmas party would have met Tim Westwood, one of our longest standing patrons. Maybe you’ve met Lauren Pritchard when she’s been at Teen Spirit – you might even have sung with her on the Body & Soul Anthem. Alice Russell also performed with Teen Spirit members at the TEDx Observer event back in March, and Emily Head has been really involved with Life in my Shoes campaign– to name a few!

Who would you like as Body & Soul’s next patron? Who do you think would best represent Body & Soul and Teen Spirit in the media?


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