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Posted on: 24th October 2011

In the second blog spot from our volunteers in the HR Recruitment and Rewards team at The Body Shop, they give you their 10 top tips for writing a successful CV. Don’t forget that our great Launchpad volunteers at Teen Spirit every Thursday can also help you with job and university applications, CV writing and interview preparations.

Top Ten CV Tips

1. Don’t forget to SPELL CHECK

2. Make sure your CV looks the SAME THROUGHOUT (for example, don’t use different styles of bullet points)

3. Make sure your CV is 1 OR 2 PAGES max

4. ADAPT YOUR CV for the role you are applying for (for example emphasise your previous customer service experience for a restaurant job)

5. Remember that the employer has many other CVs to read, so be TO THE POINT

6. BE HONEST and be able to expand on every statement you have made.

7. Make sure your name and contact information are clearly VISIBLE at the top of the page

8. ASK FOR PERMISSION from your referees before listing them on your CV.

9. Keep your CV UPDATED (don’t forget any work experience and volunteering)

10. Remember: Your CV is the first impression of you, MAKE IT COUNT!

Get out there and good luck!!!

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