If Only You Could Understand…

Posted on: 2nd November 2011

Last week, Teen Spirit were asked what the main source of tension was in their homes. The breakdown of their responses is in the wordle above.

The main area of conflict and tension at home was identified as misunderstanding each other, and a lack of communication between Teen Spirit members and the people they live with.

Teen Spirit were then asked to complete the sentence “If only you could understand…”.

We put their responses in a poem. Take a look and let us know what you think.

If Only You Could Understand

If only you could understand what it feels like, the way I see things and how I feel inside.
If only you could understand that I’m different from you, we’re different people,
I’ve got my dreams and I have my goals.

I am my own man, I’ve got my own land……let my brain expand!
If only you could understand……..the pressure you put me under every day. I don’t understand what you want me to do or be! I’m no longer that girl from before, I’m not perfect, I make many mistakes.

If only you could understand that sometimes the things you say and do make me so angry that I end up doing things I regret
If only you could understand how to listen!…..not shout or interrupt every time I try to say something.
If only you could understand why I act a certain way at times, you’d see that I do more for you than I do for myself.

It’s time for you to understand…what is behind the cover of this book, that I’m no longer a kid….I am who I am.

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