What Inspires Me #2

Posted on: 15th November 2011

In the second blog post on a theme we hope you’ll be seeing more of very soon, a Teen Spirit member looks at the question “What Inspires Me” … the answer was so inspiring, it shaped itself into a poem without even meaning to.

It’s safe to say that no matter how ambitious we may be, we all need to be inspired on occasion – whether it’s to overcome a difficult time, to create something beautiful or maybe just to carry on with everyday life. For me, inspiration comes from everywhere; people, experiences, and material things.

LIFE itself inspires me, in a peculiar way.
Life doesn’t excuse us from itself even if you plead with it to do so.
We’re obligated to live.
To inhale, to exhale, even when pain chokes your every breath.
You’re obligated to live.
Even when the only warmth you know is of tears that embrace your face,
LIFE itself brings comfort to a heart that feels too tired to try.

And the inspiration is in thinking;
There must more to life than this
You may not know what is it but whatever it is
You’re willing to find it,
You will fight for it with your last breath
Because at the end of it all
You’re obligated to live

And so you must give it your best.

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