HIV Education in the US #2

Posted on: 16th November 2011

Hey guys, I’m back!

Sorry I’ve been gone so long, I was on holiday from school and was out of town. Anyways, two weeks ago I read the original study on HIV education in the UK conducted with 12-18 year olds. After reading the study I know what to look for when I get the results back from my classmates. My classmates are a little older than the original group, but I think that the results will still be interesting.

Just last week I sent out my questionnaire in an email to everyone and I’m waiting for their responses. It may take another week to get them all because everyone was out of town on holiday. I can tell you that from the results I have received so far, there are a lot of similarities with the answers from UK students. I’m excited to report back to you guys with what I find. I know that studies can be kind of boring to read and this doesn’t sound like the most exciting subject, but give it a chance, it’s actually really interesting how similar the US and UK students are.

While I’m waiting to hear back from my classmates, I want you to think about information that your teachers may have missed while teaching you about HIV. What was it that they forgot? Why is that topic so important? How can teachers combat the stigma that goes along with HIV?

 If that doesn’t sound like something you want to respond to, post a video or an article that inspires you or just makes you happy. For me, it’s a singing group called AHMIR… I was looking at their channel yesterday and found their cover of Perfect by Pink.

I chose this song because it’s an anti-bullying video and I think the message can be applied to anyone and everyone. Even if you think the acting is cheesy, you can’t deny how amazing their voices are! Check it out. Hope you enjoy it!

If you missed the first blog post and want to know why I’m doing this project, here’s the link!


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