“When Stigma is acted upon, the result is Discrimination”

Posted on: 16th November 2011

UNAIDS, the branch of the United Nations that shapes its response to the global HIV epidemic, has recently published Outlook 30, a document of “30 milestones, thoughts, images, words, artworks, breakthroughs, inspirations and ideas in response”. It’s a really interesting and compelling read, with information and data displayed in artistic, thought-provoking and imaginative ways.

We wanted to highlight one image in particular from the document. The words ‘stigma’ and ‘discrimination’ are used time and again by Body & Soul, as well as in press articles about HIV, and by other organisations, but the diagram below (click on it to see a larger image) demonstrates the many ways that HIV-related stigma and discrimination can infiltrate the day-to-day realities of people living with HIV.

It’s a harsh reality that this level of discrimination is experienced by people living with HIV globally, including those right here in the UK. Body & Soul’s members have experienced and continue to experience many of the outcomes listed below, which contribute to the isolation and stress so many feel.

Image from UNAIDS. You can read the full report here

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