What Body & Soul means to me…

Posted on: 17th November 2011

Attending Body & Soul has made me who I am today, without it I don’t know where I would be. They’ve helped me through thick and thin so to tell you guys about being here, it brings back memories.

Thinking back to when I first started coming to Body & Soul, I was quiet and shy but coming every week has made me become more open and I’m now able to be myself. Body & Soul has taught me it’s okay to be who I am: a young girl living with HIV. It’s a shame not everyone can see it that way.

I remember the first day I started BaSe, I was very shy and I just sat there looking at everyone, when people started to introduce themselves to me everyone seemed loving and caring. BaSe was the best place on Tuesday night, being around people with the same problem as you was a great feeling because you then find out that you’re not the only one living with HIV. Attending BaSe was the best thing I’ve done.

Now I attend Teen Spirit. I enjoy coming every week, being able to catch up with your friends. Teen Spirit is like another family to me but its also a time where you can tell anyone about any problems going on in you life. Being a teenager living with HIV, its a great place to come and express your feelings and leave the outside world outside.

Body & Soul has a lot of hard working people – I never knew how much hard work goes into it but also being able to have the experience of volunteering at Body & Soul has been great! Seeing how much work gets put into just one week has amazed me.

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