New Beginnings

Posted on: 23rd November 2011

I’m extremely excited to say that today is my first week of employment at Body & Soul. I say employment deliberately, as I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering with Body & Soul since June 2011. Through this time I’ve experienced quite how profound the charity’s work is in both vision and execution. This spilled over more and more into my personal life as I’ve found myself advocating passionately for Body & Soul to anyone that will listen, and finding as others encountered the charity they felt a similar passion.

On my application form I put forward the reasons why I believed in Body & Soul, and thought this could be a good place to start in explaining what it is about this place, this community, that draws people in. I believe Body & Soul to be:

evidence Based - building on good practice and understanding gained from within the charity sector and in partnership with other industries,

member-led with feedback and evaluation forming a natural part of development of the organisation,

grass-roots in its approach but presents itself with the upmost professionalism without alienating members, volunteers or staff,

• an organisation that delivers to high-standards and with tangible results,

innovative and inspiring in approach,

making a difference to its members – from my interaction with members I have found it is moving and adds credibility when they describe the importance of Body & Soul to their lives,

• Making a difference to the wider cause of breaking down stigma and promoting human rights,

Integrative and effective in its approach to health solutions, focusing on the individual’s well-being as a whole rather than being purely focused on the condition

Though I think a member summed it up better for me the other day when she said (paraphrased)

“Everyone here is so nice, and you are suspicious, questioning why are they being so nice, then you realise they really are that nice and they will support you to achieve your potential”.

I have found this to be true of how Body & Soul values people, whether members, volunteers or staff – they recognise individual ability and value this, working to get the best from people. How couldn’t you be excited to start work in an organisation like this!

There is such a range of activities going on at Body & Soul and diverse ways of working – so I hope to give a bit of insight into how Body & Soul works and the innovative solutions that it offers for members, staff, volunteers and the wider community. So keep looking out for the next post!

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