Christmas at Body & Soul, from a Teen Spirit member…

Posted on: 27th December 2011

Following our brilliant review of the annual Teen Spirit party from one of our most recent recruits to the volunteer team, B&S asked a Teen Spirit member who has seen her fair share of Teen Spirit end of year celebrations to add her thoughts, and to ask you for your plans for 2012…

So the time of the year has again arrived, a time to come together and celebrate. Yes, it’s the annual Teen Spirit Christmas party. This year it was a choice of dressing as a fiery hot chica or a glamorous ice queen all in the name of our ‘Fire and Ice’ theme.

In the presentation and performance time after dinner, we highlighted the events that have taken place over the past year. We had a lovely performance of Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” by C and the newly voted Teen Spirit Board of Directors member H addressed the Teen Spirit audience introducing a lovely couple who have only been with us for a year. They shared a very moving speech on what both Teen Spirit services and members have meant to them in recent months and touched many hearts in the audience.

Next, the exciting trailer for Undefeated was shown – this was the first viewing for a number of members, and got an eletricifying response. After so many members of Teen Spirit have been involved in the Life in my Shoes campaign this year, seeing one of the final products was beyond exciting.

The fashion show  followed, where a group of Teen Spirit members showed off outfits that had been working on over the last few months. These outfits were designed, cut and sewed by members, with great help from one outstanding volunteer S. To see the finished products was just astonishing.

Then at last , it was time to head to basement and get the party started and indeed we did. The one and only Tim Westwood was spinning the tracks. Surprise guest Lethal Bizzle slowly bopped in the building and the crowd went mad, photographs were taken and autographs were signed. Just then another surprise guest -Sway – came in and got the crowd hyped performing Still Speeding.

With all that takes place during the year it’s important to reflect back and celebrate the achievements of Teen Spirit, and to show appreciation for everyone who helps to make Teen Spirit what it is. This is also the time when people who haven’t been in for awhile say hello, maybe they’re back from school or university or come from a long way outside London for the night.

My personal highlight this year has to be on set and on camera when we were shooting Undefeated. This was my very first time being on a live professional film set, and it was the very first time I was ever on camera and yes, I was beyond excited.

As we highlighted the year at Body & Soul, Teen Spirit were not only full of excitement at what was being presented to them the year but also filled with pride for what they had achieved during the year. The feeling that showed through the most was one of family spirit though, the atmosphere was one of unity, love and happiness. There were many laughs and smiles of pride.

In reflecting on the year that has passed with its achievements and highlights, it’s only natural to think about the year that follows with hope, the achievements to be accomplished… and wonder what plans can be made. What are your plans for the hopeful 2012? We want to hear them and maybve Teen Spirit can work with you to realise them xx


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