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Posted on: 16th January 2012

On this site you may already have read about our 5 good reasons for your company to partner Body & Soul. In this blog post I wanted to give you 5 more reasons for you to use and support Body & Soul at work.

As you may know, we hire our beautiful building out for meetings, conferences, away days and shoots. What you might not know if why doing so benefits you and your colleagues as well as us…


1. Doing Good.
These days, companies want to be seen to be doing as much as possible in their communities and for charity. Body & Soul might not look like a charity once you’re inside the building, but we are one, and every time you use us, we plough any profit back into our charitable activities. Put it this way – if you’re going to be paying to hire space for your event whereve you choose to have it, isn’t it better knowing that your money is going to a good cause?

2. Be Inspired.
Body & Soul has been written about as a beacon of creativity and design. Our rooms are light and airy, with splashes of colour – we can give you beanbags for brainstorming, sofas for slouching, cabaret-style tables for informal group work or anything else you want. We pride ourselves on customising the space you hire for your event. However formal or official your event, we find that people appreciate the little touches that we pride ourselves on.

3. Be Treated.
Sometimes we all need a little pick me up. Whether it’s fresh coffee roasted and ground just down the street, a mid-afternoon chocolate fix or a hand-made luxury cupcake, we’ll always make sure there are little treats around for the duration of your event.

4. Ask for Extras.
We plan everything in advance, and with more than 2,500 people attending events at Body & Soul last year, we think we’re pretty good at pulling it off seamlessly. With a little notice, we can provide all the added extras you need – from the basics like AV equipment and stationary, to an interactive tour of the building, from a unique break out space in our sensory room or games room, to a quiet thinking space in our library, we want to ensure your event is memorable, productive and unique.

5. Leave Happy.
“I came to an event at Body & Soul a few weeks ago and as soon as I walked in I was overpowered by how kind everyone was. You couldn’t do enough for us”.
At Body & Soul we’re very passionate about where we work and every aspect of what we do. We hope this is reflected in your experience of our organisation, and we genuinely find that after a day in our welcoming space, after a few sweet treats and a walk around the building, visitors leave with smiles on their faces.

Get in touch with Polly on 0207 923 6880 or fill in the online form and we’ll get back to you straight away.


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