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Posted on: 9th February 2012

What was your New Year’s resolution?

Can you remember or is it a distant, blurry memory?

A whole month into 2012 and your shiny new trainers are still in their box; the kitchen cupboard is still full of chocolaty treats. We all make them, and yes, we all break them. But, this is no ‘ordinary’ year, it’s Olympic year and time to set yourself a challenge.

The nights are gradually getting shorter (if not a little warmer) and winter is nearly over, so put a spring in your step and have a go at something new. And why not tick that ‘doing good’ box on your way?

Body & Soul has signed up for two exciting events in the summer and is searching for some active souls to take up the challenge. You missed out on those Olympic tickets you desperately wanted, so why not go one better, and run the marathon route for yourself. Well, not quite 26.5 miles but how about 10K?

The British London 10K run is taking place on July 15th 2012 and crosses paths with the official Marathon route the big stars will be racing in June. This is a great ‘starter’ race for you newbies or a fantastic ‘jog in the park’ for the more experienced runner. Last year’s run was a record-breaking one for us and in 2012 we want to go one better. Whatever your level, I can guarantee it’s a fun filled morning of feeling good and raising important funds for Body & Soul.

If running isn’t quite for you, for the first time ever, we also have places for Nightrider on June 9th 2012, London’s most unique cycling experience. Forget the Velodrome, instead, how about a midnight, moonlit cycle past London’s most iconic landmarks.

For once, you won’t have to fight the City traffic but can enjoy our sprawling city from the comfort of your two wheels. Most questions you might have about the ride will be answered in this document or you can get in touch with Katherine at the address below and we can help you too. Sign up here to get the wheels in motion!

A challenge shared, is a challenge halved so get your friends, family and colleagues to commit to taking on your new resolution too. Last year was a record breaking year for community fundraising, so we set you the challenge to do even better.

If you would like some further information about either of these events, or other community fundraising opportunities, please contact

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