Is Spring Finally Here?

Posted on: 1st March 2012

Thanks to our Volunteer Programmes intern Kathryn for this post…

We’ve had a few warm days over the recent weeks leading us to feel like spring is finally on its way.

People naturally tend to perk up in spring; the longer, warmer days give us a bit of extra energy, all of a sudden not getting up in the dark makes starting your day so much easier, and the bright sights of daffodils and crocuses cheer the soul. Things that irritate us in the depths of winter somehow manage to pass us by unnoticed in spring.

It’s also a great time to revisit any changes we want to make to our lives. Give the house a good clean. Declutter and take stuff you don’t use any more to the charity shop. Clear the mind! Take a walk through the park or even just down the road and get some fresh air without getting cold. Think about the new years resolutions that seemed impossible in January…I bet they seem more achievable now! Spring doesn’t officially start until April, but don’t let that hold you back.

Sweet Spring

When the gloomy gray sky turns to clear azure blue,
And the snow disappears from the ground,
When the birds start to sing, and our moods start to lift,
Then we know Spring is coming around.
When the first flower bulbs poke their heads toward the sun,
Golden daffodils, hyacinths, too;
When the brown grass turns green, and the wildflowers bloom,
Then sweet Spring makes its showy debut.
Once again we awake from cold winter’s pale dream,
As our minds and our bodies revive;
We rejoice and delight in spring’s colorful sight;
Each new spring makes us glad we’re alive!

By Joanna Fuchs

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