“When you start loving what you are learning…”

Posted on: 12th March 2012

In Livia’s first post a month ago, she descirbed her feelings about starting work at Body & Soul. Here, she reflects on her first month as the Head of Adult Services.

“When you start loving what you are learning, it will no longer look like work. Everything will fall in place after that. Just fall in love.”

-A. K. Raha –

It’s been nearly a month since I started working at Body & Soul, and those of you who followed my earlier post about the Monday-before-the-big-Tuesday jitters will be relieved to find out that in spite of a few cancellations and last-minute changes, the first evening went very well indeed!

So now that the initial frenzy of handover and introductions has settled down, what is working at Body & Soul actually like?

Anyone who has ever had a chance to meet the lovely staff will know what a warm, beautiful, welcoming bunch they are – and how their very personalities are expressions of the values of Body & Soul. Every day, I continue to be energised and inspired by the passion, commitment and experience each colleague brings to their work, each doing their part to make sure the organisation continues to excel and deliver exceptional programmes to our members.

Innovation and creativity are also at the very core of the organisational ethos – in the few weeks I have been here I have enjoyed several exciting conversations with colleagues about new ideas, novel ways of doing things, and proposals for changes to the adult service to make sure it continues to improve and meet the changing needs of our members. These include a re-vamped Young Adults programme, more art and creativity projects, an intergenerational wisdom transfer between teens-young adults-older souls (!), and more programming during the first part of the evening. And that’s only from the first few days!

If you have ideas and suggestions about improving the adult programme, I would very much welcome your feedback in the comments below.

Coming into work each day, I feel a glow of appreciation for our beautiful building, which contributes to making Body & Soul such a great place to work. I don’t want to lose this sense of gratitude, I realised the other day as I was running up the staircase. I never want to take it for granted.

After all the learning and changes of the initial weeks, I feel sufficiently settled in to confirm I love my new job. I have no illusions about the challenges that lie ahead, as cuts in government spending push more and more of our members into destitution, and the economic climate makes it increasingly more difficult for our organisation to continue to provide vital services just as the need is getting greater. But with a team like this on board, I feel optimistic that we can weather the storm.

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