Life in the Shoes of a Campaign Manager

Posted on: 16th March 2012

This is post from Emily, the campaign manager for Body & Soul’s pioneering Life in my Shoes campaign.

“We are all born free”

Thinking about the Life in my Shoes campaign and what to share in this blog post about my role as the campaign manager I struggled with where to start. Life in my Shoes is varied to say the least, it may involve liaising with potential partners, web designers, organising an event, submitting films to festivals, planning a workshop for Teen Spirit, training our LIMS ambassadors, sharing the campaign with high profile supporters or piloting the resource with schools across London.

No week is the same and with every one that goes by it’s exciting to see how LIMS continues to grow and evolve as its message of increased understanding and empathy begins to spread.

Right now one of the things we’re working on is finishing the LIMS teaching resource that will accompany the campaign film Undefeated. As we design lesson plans and create interesting and creative activities to engage young people (and their teachers) with the complex issue of HIV and discrimination, we’ve spent time exploring the many parallels this topic has with other issues and how they’re addressed.

We know discrimination takes place all over the world and for all manner of reasons … some of these reasons have been shared online via the LIMS Be involved gallery, others we might hear about in the news and some will remain untold.

For the young people who’ve been steering the LIMS campaign here at Body & Soul, they’ve chosen to share their story of living with HIV; and in doing so, hope and believe it will have the power to change this stigma. As we look to the year ahead, knowing their film Undefeated will reach hundreds and thousands of people; I’m reminded that despite what we’ve achieved this past year, we’re just at the beginning. “I hope one day we won’t need to use actors. We will be able to show our faces and not be afraid to say we are HIV positive.” Teen Spirit member.

I believe we’re on the way towards that day. But on our way there, we should all take a look at Amnesty International’s book; for a little reminder that We Are All Born Free. The book is a simplified version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and explains things far better than me…they’ve even made a film about it too, enjoy!

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