The Me You Don’t See

Posted on: 21st March 2012

You may have read this poem on a recent Life in my Shoes blog, but we’re quite blown away by the power of this poem and felt the need to share it here too. This poem was written by a Teen Spirit member, and we think you’ll agree it’s fantastic.


We wake each morning
Each morning
With dragging souls
Empty with confusion
Heart heavy with pain
Minds with worry that the body
that houses them may one day collapse.

We wear smiles
worn out in the battle of life
Carry battle scars
Unseen in the steps that
Stamp on concrete
Faking confidence
Holding breaths
That whispers secret prayers
Prayers in bottles that
Carry our names
Typed along with HIV+
Prayers that one day that thick line
Between you and I
Will be as invisible as the me you don’t see.

© Body & Soul 2014.


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