Who Are You Really ?

Posted on: 27th April 2012

This blog comes from a member of Teen Spirit

Sometimes, we often look into the reflection of society to find who we are or to find our place.

We look to adjust the skin we wear to find a place in society, to keep the jobs we have; to adjust to the clique we find ourselves in… indies, townies, ghetto princesses or whatever you may want to call yourselves.

We all know that the mirror of society is covered in stereotypes, and they aren’t all harmless. Fear and hate for those who we don’t understand and for those who don’t understand us… different languages, different religions, different postcodes, poverty, lonliness, illness.   

The friends we find on all of our walks through life - we may share the same interests, likes and dislikes but really would you say that that’s what really makes you? Often these friends are from the same backgrounds we came from but does shared history really make you who you are?

What makes you who you are?

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