What Inspires Me #3

Posted on: 10th May 2012

“Thinking back, there are a number of times when I’ve been inspired to think more, to do more and to be more.

My involvement with Body & Soul has been a major inspiration for me to do more, and I’ve followed through, and done more. When I re-stumbled back to Body & Soul after a period away last year, the major campaign Life in my Shoes campaign was just kicking off. For me, the inspiration was how passionate these people were to make social happen in the relation to HIV and stigma. Their actions they gave young people dozens of amazing opportunities; offering young people from all over the country the chance to be a part of a social movement that had never beee attempted in the same way before. On a personal level this was just the beginning of an experience of personal growth that I – along with loads of others involved - won’t forget.

What was also inspiring was seeing how the campaign grew from discussions at Teen Spirit of shared unfortunate experiences of stigma to the major campaign that it is now. From workshops working on the speech in the script, to developing the story and characters, to finding the winner of the campaign and finally to beginning the shooting of the film.

It felt as if we had planted a seed and we were watching it grow before our very eyes.

What I got from this experience is the understanding that if you’re feeling strongly about something, you must do something about it. Because you can always do something. And because there are always people there to inspire you into action.”

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