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Posted on: 14th June 2012

It all starts with an idea! 3 months ago today, an idea is exactly what CyclHope started off with.

CyclHope consists of two London based non-professional cyclists, Andrea and Stefano. On the 1st of September 2012 CyclHope will embark on what can only be described as an extraordinary journey, cycling from London to Rome across 5 countries in 20 days!!!

Despite significant developments in the medical understanding of HIV and the introduction of life-prolonging treatments, public understanding and awareness of HIV is still poor, and stigma remains a huge challenge. CyclHope’s latest project will focus on raising awareness about HIV within Europe and raising crucial funds for Body & Soul.

The friends contacted Body & Soul, believing it best to collaborate with a pioneering UK charity dedicated to transforming the lives of children, teenagers and families living with, or affected by HIV. After a meeting with the fundraising team at Body & Soul… they are delighted that the wheels are now in motion and can’t wait to get cycling!!!

Check out the mini bios about Andrea and Stefano below and please visit their JustGiving page, twitterfacebook and website for more information on their amazing story so far and to show them your support.


Italian-born video editor Andrea lives in London and has a passion for 2 wheels, mainly those with an engine! Having already completed a journey across Europe to reach his hometown by motorbike, he decided, with his friend Stefano, this time to cycle.

Already motivated, they were looking for another reason for their mission and after life-changing news from a friend, Andrea decided to embrace a particular cause and raise money for an HIV charity.

HIV advertising in Italy and the rest of Europe during the 80s/90s was very powerful constantly present in mainstream media, but not anymore! Andrea decided more awareness was desperately needed.


Graphic designer, illustrator and visual artist Stefano was born in Rome but has been based in London for 14 years. After being diagnosed with RHS (Rush Hour Syndrome) and RFD (Rising Fares Disorder) he inevitably developed Commuter’s Depression.

To combat the effects of this depression, Stefano started pedaling and really fought back by buying a bike.  So illuminating was this decision that not only did he immediately feel better he also quickly developed a passion for cycling which is now slightly leaning towards being an obsession.

He is now hardly seen without his beloved Gazelle from ’76 and is apparently in love with vintage bicycle frames.

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