What inspires me #4

Posted on: 16th June 2012

This Teen Spirit blog comes from a member of the Teen Spirit Board of Directors, ‘S’, whos inspiration comes from quite close to home…

We greet this grey building every Thursday, hidden in the streets of London. This is our sanctuary, our second home, our happy place. But behind all of this stands Emma, standing tall behind the organisation she built from scratch to help families across London living with HIV. For many reasons she is an inspiration for all.

For me, perhaps it is because she has managed to build a place of love and acceptance for those who society has rejected and forced into its dark corners of prejudice and discrimination. She has continued to stand behind her values, and has dedicated her life to being the change she wants to see in the world and changing the worlds of those people that come to Body & Soul.  When she was included on the Happy List, it was truly deserved.

Emma stays passionate to the cause in a world where indifference is a favourite choice.  With such a leader standing behind Body & Soul it’s only natural that it inspires members to be better people, to do more and be more in this world.

When you live in a world where humanity can be like a plant that is never watered and left to slowly die and kindness is a flower trampled constantly, faith in the human race can diminished. So before all the grandness of her achievements what is most inspiring for me is Emma. She made me believe in people again.

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