A Complete Approach to Wellness

Posted on: 19th June 2012

As Body & Soul’s members, volunteers and supporters know, a complete approach to wellness is at the core of Body & Soul’s philosophy. As part of this, Body & Soul has always offered complementary therapies to members to try and help with the symptoms and side effects of living with HIV and help to promote an increased feeling of all-round wellbeing. We have a great team of 7 long-standing volunteer therapists, but with ever-growing waiting lists for appointments we thought it was high time to beef up the team and make sure our treatment rooms were being used to the max on service nights.

We’re really pleased to announce therefore, that we have 11 new volunteer therapists starting at Body & Soul, with 9+ more going through the application process, due to join the team in the coming months. We can now offer members reiki, massage, osteopathy, hypnotherapy, shiatsu, acupuncture and head massage alongside yoga and tai chi sessions. Hopefully, with this many therapists on board, we can offer adult and teen members complementary therapy appointments more regularly and more regular relaxation workshops.

Next Thursday is “The Therapeutic Effect Of….” night at Teen Spirit with taster yoga and tai chi sessions and mini complementary therapies for the teens to sample before hopefully signing up for a course of treatments.

If you’re a member who wants to receive a complementary therapy treatment or if you’re a fully qualified complementary therapist who would like to volunteer at Body & Soul, please let us know you’re interested!

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