Teen Spirit Album: A Work in Progress…

Posted on: 21st June 2012

This blog is from a member of Teen Spirit.

Teen Spirit. The food’s cooking, noise levels are high, the volunteers still volunteering. What seems to be the talk this month? The upcoming, almost complete Teen Spirit Album (still yet to name). From a small idea to a continuous every week workshop, members of Teen Spirit are writing their own songs to be put into the album that are recorded in our very own studio for the album.

The Album Project has been running for 4-5 months and each week a song is perfected, polished and ready for the album. We cannot wait until our album is completed and our lists of tracks are announced. Our album will consist of 10 to 14 tracks and we are yet to decide whether we should start with physical copies or having it downloadable.

Some of the songs that we will include are from our previous projects like our ‘Urban Musical’ that we produced our own songs to. The final list of the tracks is so classified that not even Teen Spirit members who are currently working in the album project know. The finished songs are so catchy that as soon as song ends you’ll hear someone singing it. I bet you can’t wait to hear them!

The album is approaching us fast and we all can’t wait. Don’t worry the album will be here soon with its new name, exhilarating right?!

Anyone got any ideas on the title, we want to hear them!

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