The Diana Awards Recognise Teen Spirit Member

Posted on: 9th July 2012

What are some of the first images that come to mind when you think about young people today? The 2012 riots, gang violence, hoodies?

Yes, it’s true there are some young people who, for whatever reason, have ended up going down uncertain paths…but keep searching, and you’ll find the rarest gem, twinkling amongst the rubble, and not even knowing his own beauty.

As we approach the name desk, the steward asks our award winner, “so what have you done to win the award?” Unsure quite what to answer, he looks at me unknowingly… “is it my work with the Life in my Shoes campaign?” “Well yes, oh and all your hard work on the Board of Directors to continually improve the service at Body & Soul, your confidence to march up to people like Annie Lennox – telling them exactly why they need to join our campaign and your determination to keep raising awareness of the work that Body and Soul do” Yep, just all those things! Can you believe he’s just 14 years old?!

The ceremony celebrated our Diana Award winner’s innovative, selflessness and compassion that he contributes to our own local community -not for himself, but for us all. We want to personally thank him for his tireless work helping us to get to where we are today, making sure everyone is doing what they are suppose to, and for your infamous notebook of ideas!

Whenever you’re dealing with the daily challenges of life and not quite sure how to deal with it, just ask yourself, what would our Diana Award winner do?

‘Aspire to inspire before you Expire’ (Leah Charles-King 2012 – guest speaker at the Diana Award)

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