#LIMS2012 Goes Global

Posted on: 17th July 2012

In the first blog post of a series, ‘S’, one of 5 Life in my Shoes Ambassadors travelling to Washington, DC for the International AIDS Conference in July, tells us what it means to her to be embarking on the journey.

Next week, a small group of members from Body & Soul’s young adults group will head off to Washington, DC for the Worlds AIDS 2012 Conference. Until 2010 they wouldn’t have been able to go to the USA at all (there was a travel ban in place on people living with HIV going to the States). Barack Obama’s description of this law as “a decision rooted in fear rather than fact” and the decision to repeal it is as much a recognition of the uneccessary stigma it generated as of the unjustifiable public health argument for the law.

The International AIDS Conference conference takes place every 2 years and is where anyone and everyone who is committed to HIV-related work from all over the entire world, will be gathering in July. From all the important policy makers to individuals living day to day with HIV, from current advancements and knowledgeable scientists with new findings, to new research to help on the next step in our journey with the HIV. As well as this, there will be a focus on stigma, advocacy and most importantly, empowerment for those on this journey - and this is where Body & Soul’s LIMS Ambassadors come in.

This year’s theme is Turning the Tide Together.

The word excitement cannot truthfully describe our feelings about this opportunity. It is a real honour to be invited and to be awarded scholarships to such a wonderful and important event.

This will be a magnificent opportunity not only to gain great information but also to spread the message of our Life in my Shoes campaign to an international audience. To be the voices of the voiceless and carry their message on such a platform is a real honour and one that we are taking really seriously.

This is the first of many blog posts that the Washington team will be writing about the conference, we hope you’ll folow our progress and keep checking in to keep up to date with all our news.

You can keep up to date with events by checking out facebook.com/BodySoulCharity and facebook.com/lifeinmyshoescampaign or on twitter, @bodysoulcharity or @Life_inmyshoes. Join the chat by using #LIMS2012

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