Anita Roddick

Posted on: 23rd October 2012

Today, we remember the wonderful, passionate and dedicated activist Anita Roddick. We miss her everyday, but her spirit lives on in us all. At Body & Soul we continue to learn from and  be inspired by Anita’s drive to bring about change, to challenge injustice, to be kind, to “be just”. The text below is taken from Anita’s book, A Revolution in Kindness.

“To me, kindness is one of the most important words in the English language. It’s enourmously resonant and life-enhancing and yet, over the past generation or so, it has begin to disappear from polite discourse. It’s considered insipid, almost embarrassing. People are not praised for their kindness anymore. It is often viewed as something sanctimonius, patronizing and unrealistic – as if being kind somehow ignores the basic causes of a problem in the first place.

Its power comes from its overwhelming simplicity. Over and over again, we see how the simple act of reaching out as one human being to another can be a truly courageous act in the face of such odds.

Kindness doesn’t have to be insipid or random to be effective. Far from it: deliberate kindness can be fierce, tenacious, unexpected, unconditional and sometimes positively revolutionary.

These qualities give kindness its power to create change, to make things happen. And in a period of human history in which we are obsessed with change — personal or political — and are unsure whether it is possible at all, kindness could be our salvation.”

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