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Posted on: 8th January 2013

Every month we’d like to put a shout out for particular skills that would really help our members.

Body & Soul is always thinking creatively about how we can meet the individual needs of our members and sometimes it might just require the right skills and knowledge to find the magic formula!

Our volunteers bring a massive skills base and put in so many hours it more than doubles our capacity, but we’re still looking for new recruits to help.

This Month’s Search:

‘Dress-Maker / Pattern Cutter’

One of our young people is currently studying a fashion degree but finds the making part of her course really challenging. She is a really enthusiastic and hardworking student but would really benefit from some patient coaching to help her realise her really imaginative designs.

We would love to hear from anyone who would be able to provide a few evenings at the Body & Soul centre to provide some 1:1 tuition.

‘Music Producers and Sound Engineers’

The Body & Soul Studio is the at the heart of our music programmes. We are looking for music professionals and students to join our studio team: recording & producing and supporting creative music programmes.

If you’re free Tuesday or Thursday evenings and want to work with enthusiastic and talented young people, we want to hear from you.

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  • Polly at 16:38 on 10th January 2013

    Hi Meena, thanks for this, it’s great news! We will be in touch! xx

  • Jed at 09:34 on 11th January 2013

    I’m hoping to make this a regular monthly feature of the B&S Blog. We have a super-skilled volunteer team where some hidden skills remain uncovered!
    I’d also like to extend this invitation to our wider network of corporate partners, supporters and friends……this could be a great opportunity to join us to coach, tutor and support our members in quite specific areas to help them to achieve their goals.
    Since posting this earlier in the week I’ve caught up with Teen Spirit and the list is growing!
    Look out soon for opportunities to:
    Mentoring teens with essay writing skills
    GCSE Maths help
    Support for a teen keen to develop their poetry writing

    ………and much more to come I’m sure! I’ll keep you posted.