Here’s to new friends and old friends

Posted on: 21st March 2013

You may have seen or heard more than usual about Body & Soul last week as Radio 1, BBC 1 and various other news outlets featured both Nick Grimshaw and Jessie J’s visits to B&S in the run up to Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day. Maybe you’re only reading this blog because of what you saw or heard last week. So much the better. Welcome to Body & Soul!

For Body & Soul, having celebrity supporters and advocates is so important. Famous and familiar faces raise the profile of the children, young people and families living with HIV in the UK who we support, they talk about stigma as a real issue in society, they take our message and our work to a wider audience that we could never reach alone.

You may have noticed in the Red Nose Day Films and soundbites last week that all of the members who spoke were anonymous. The really tangible stigma and fear of social isolation that young people face because of their HIV is so much of a reality that virtually all of them feel unable to speak openly and publicly, despite having so much to say. This is where the support of famous faces and celebrities becomes so much more vital. Young people need a mouthpiece, they need people who understand them and offer them compassion and empathy, who will tell their stories for them to the nation.

We want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you too all of our patrons and supporters who have visited and championed Body & Soul recently. We are grateful and honoured to call you friends.

Love everyone at Body & Soul xx

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