When will we stop being bullies?

Posted on: 25th March 2013

This post comes from our Business Development Manager Ethan

Last Thursday I was giving a presentation to a group from a major bank. I was describing our Life in my Shoes campaign and how it was addressing the stigma, discrimination and bullying that can come from living with a condition like HIV. When I asked the group about their experience in school, almost every head in the room nodded because most of us at some point during our school days have felt what it is like to be bullied.

Over the weekend I caught up on the week’s news and the story of Lucy Meadows struck a chord with me. Here is a woman who took her own life and while an official investigation still needs to be completed, it appears that she was being harassed by the press. But let’s face it harassment is just another word for bullying.

Lucy’s story is not an isolated example of bullying. Somehow, certain types of bullying appears to be fully sanctioned in our society. What was Levenson if not an investigation into how bullying was allowed in the press for years – and government, police and civil servants may have colluded in the process.

How are we ever going to stop bullying in schools when we let it continue so visibly in society? What lesson are we teaching our children and young people when we tell them not to bully and allow a terrible thing like this to happen?

If we want to truly end bullying then we need to hold bullies to account regardless of age or how difficult it is to speak up.

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