Things that make us Happy

Posted on: 28th May 2013

At Body & Soul last week, the adult members were talking about things that make them happy. Looking at everyone’s answers, what is obvious is that possessions don’t make us happy… This is what our members said, but what makes you happy?

My daughter is doing well in school


Meeting new people at Body & Soul

Helping my friends

Accepting this life with a virus that I can fight off, learning how to control it, having a good relationship with my GP, having group contact

Visiting friends

Getting counselling and being able to open up

Body & Soul

Acquiring new skills and hoping that one day I’ll be employed

My religion

Wanting to live to see my children’s children

I still have hope and that gives me hope

At first I thought HIV was a terrible thing, but I appreciate everything more now- my health my family

My children

My children – my son is coming over from Africa

HIV medicine

The HIV medicine is working

The researchers are working tirelessly to find a cure

I’m resilient

After trauma, shame and grief I have gratitude for Body & Soul- it is my backbone

My family accepting me after my HIV

Looking at everyone being happy and healthy

Having patience and maybe miracles will happen in our lifetime

To find so many courageous people that have been fighting for life for so long

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