Two Weeks’ Work Experience at Body & Soul

Posted on: 18th July 2013

This blog comes from our current work experience student… and has not been edited by B&S! If you’re interested in taking part in work experience at Body & Soul, we’d love to hear from you!

What I have been doing?

For two wonderful weeks I had been working at Body & Soul. This may have been one of the best fortnights of my life, I have enjoyed every second.

What the best thing about working at Body & Soul?

Body & Soul is a great working environment. EVERYONE is SO friendly and kind, the work space is very relaxed and chilled out (but you still get work done!). There is always something to do and you never get bored. I’ve been doing several things in my two weeks; sometimes I’ll be doing multiple tasks at a time, sometimes just one project. If you’re in need of help there’s always someone you can ask, and all the time they will help you when they can.

Why did I pick Body & Soul for work experience?

The reason I picked Body and Soul, is because I felt that if I had gone to another work placement (i.e. a regular office environment), then I wouldn’t have been satisfied and would have had less work to do, probably because they would think I wouldn’t be capable of doing it. But at Body & Soul they will give you all types of work, guiding you all the way through the job helping you to do the very best.

Body & soul is a fantastic work placement and I definitely recommend it, B & S have quality staff, all very friendly and great to work with.

Do I regret anything?

My most plain and simple answer for this is NO. I have no regrets what so ever, I know if I had picked another placement then I would DEFINITELY have regretted not picking Body & Soul. So no I have no regrets I like to live with my motto “have no regrets as you only live once”

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