Thinking About Body Image

Posted on: 2nd August 2013

This week’s Teen Spirit blog from MB, thinking about how the media affects young women’s Body Image

“For me, the constant discussion and criticism over the right and the wrong type of bodies has made young girls such as myself more insecure and our own body images.

As teenagers, we practically worship the women on magazine covers and on TV and constantly having them shoved in our faces makes us think that’s the way we should look.

The women who pose in magazines don’t necessarily look like themselves or even real women. Its all the work of air brushing, photo shop, filters and so on. But we young girls and young women still strive to look like models even though it may mean damaging our own bodies in the struggle to achieve a `perfect figure’.

No one believes that beauty is within anymore. They believe that its within makeup and plastic surgery.

The world is a very scary but interesting place. We as human beings can sort of be perfectionists even though we may not know it, and there are parts of us that we would like to get rid of but we cant.

I`m still trying to get rid of my chubby cheeks and lose some weight even though I’m only fourteen years old. Even if people call you beautiful it doesn’t mean a single thing if you don’t believe it yourself.

The media is constantly trying to change how we look and it’s affecting people in all sorts of ways. If you’re reading this and you’re feeling insecure about the way you look or your personality and how other people see you through their eyes, I have a message for you. What people think of you shouldn’t matter and it shouldn’t ruin your life. You can’t make everyone happy so just start by making yourself happy.”



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