Thinking About Relationships

Posted on: 15th August 2013

This blog is from a 15 year-old Teen Spirit member…

Whether we’ve been in one or not, relationships and romance are everywhere. We see them in the movies, we hear about them on the radio, we may see our parents and our friends being in one. So, we kind of have a gist of what relationships consists of regardless of our own experience.

But how do we really know if a relationship is healthy? It’s really hard to tell… because there’s only one word to describe relationships it seems – COMPLICATED!

I remember being younger and being obsessed with romantic comedies. I actually thought they were true, so as I grew older, I  imagined that my love life would be just like in the movies. I’d find a handsome boy and he’d love me and we would get married and live happily ever after. I know I’m not the only one out there!

It was only after I had taken off my rose-tinted spectacles that I finally realized that relationships have cracks and holes in them and it takes hard work to maintain one. They aren’t all perfect.

I’ve only been in one relationship and I was giving WAY more than the other person because I thought that’s what a good girlfriend should be like, and they pushed me past breaking point. I started losing a bit of myself on the way and eventually we broke up.

Don’t feel as if you have to live up to a specific type of relationship. I bet even Romeo and Juliet had bad times.

Don’t feel obliged to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend because you have to learn how to be independent first.

My friend said ‘I`ll be the last one to have sex’. And I understand why she would feel that way. Being a teenager, you think that no one will find you desirable and no one would want to have sex with you because you may not look like Michelle Keegan. But I don’t think anyone expects Michelle Keegan. Everyone is as scared as each other. And it’s important to feel ready.

I think the reason most relationships fail is because of insecurity. We don’t feel good enough and we’re pretending that we’re more comfortable with something than we really are.

Relationships are mostly about communicating and if you have that you’re on the right track. The challenge is to put this in action.

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