Safe House – A Poem about Body & Soul

Posted on: 30th August 2013

We wanted to share this poem from one of our adult members, Sarah.

In our house with so many doors
Enough room to disappear, if you would do
Just look on the walls. It’s like travelling through
Disney Land. Walking through the green grass and daisies

The smiles that warm the heart as you enter in
Caring volunteers that just make you swell with gladness
They always remember your name,
Like they’ve known you forever

You can smell the kitchen with herbs and spices
Coming through the corridors, everybody patiently waiting to be served
Families coming, going through each floor
Making way for the next project or meeting like bees in their chambers

In our safe house everyone is like one family on an outing
And the food they serve – every week feels like a treat
Tastes so good, can’t wait for the next time

Coming from all corners of the world, speaking our mother tongue
But English always has a way of bringing us back together
Out safe house with so many doors

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