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Posted on: 15th October 2013

This blog comes from one of the newest members of the Teen Spirit Board of Directors Team.

The Teen Spirit Board of Directors represents Teen Spirit and Body & Soul publicly. The board is selected by the members of Teen Spirit through an election. A list of names of the potential board members is given to the teens to choose who they think should be on the board for that year.

Through that election, a team of 9 is created!

On Saturday the 5th of October the Board of Directors went on a trip to Royal Victoria Park. This was the first time the new team had got together. We partnered with representatives from Standard Chartered Bank for the day to work on building our new team and developing new skills. On the way to the park we all got to know each other through an activity where we talked about our similarities and differences – this was a great way to get us all talking and connected.

We then arrived at the beautiful Royal Victoria Park and all stood under a tree in a circle to play the ‘name game’. The game involved us having to say the persons name before our own name, so the last person would end up having to say and remember everyone else’s name. The game then got harder and we had to say everyone’s surname, certain names were hard to pronounce and remember but we all had a laugh and got warmed up.

Before we started of we were asked to talk about what we think makes a good leader. We paired up with someone we didn’t get a chance to speak to on the journey there, which was good because we all got a chance to speak to everyone.

We discussed our thoughts on what makes a great leader and we all had similar ideas, which was great because it meant that we were all on the same page. We agreed that a great leader is someone who is bold, someone who listens to people and communicates confidently.

After that discussion we continued on our walk and continued talking about leadership and our own skills. Through this I feel like we really developed our ideas on leadership and thoughts about the role of the Board of Directors. We had lunch as we discussed leadership further. Our final walk back round the park led us to another stop where we all sat in another circle with some paper and pens to jot down our final thoughts on leadership and the board as a whole.

The trip was a great way for us to bond as a team and gain advice and knowledge from the Standard Chartered team. They were helpful and we learnt a lot from them and the day’s experience. Now I can’t wait to see what the year has in store for the Board of Directors!

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