Jed blogs: The Great Nepal Challenge 2013!

Posted on: 21st November 2013

Donate to Jed’s £10k target

“In just 3 days I’m taking a team of 13 people to cycle across the Nepal to raise as much as we can for Body & Soul! I’ve just passed the half-way point to £10k so please read on a little further and see what you can do to help!

Contrary to rumours, we are not cycling to Nepal…cycling up Mount Everest…or cycling ‘in the pool’… but I still hope you’ll find it a challenge worthy of your support!

Not this…


or this!


but this!

With just 3 days to go, I’m still training every day, trying to search out every hill between Angel and Brixton. As for the fundraising, huge thanks to everyone for chipping in with their generosity and imaginative cash creating ideas. You may have spotted that I doubled my target about a week ago to £10k and we’re now past the magic half-way point. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long pedal to Christmas to make it over the line. So, I’ve cancelled Christmas and will be asking Santa to leave my stocking empty and put it all in my justgiving account!

If you can chip in something it would be really fantastic. So far we’ve baked brownies by the ton, flogged flapjacks to everyone who’s ever heard of Body & Soul (and many who now have!) …and sold anything that people are willing to part money for!

The acoustic night was totally amazing last week and raised another £1500 to the Nepal Challenge pot! Thanks to all of our talented friends for putting in so much! Let’s keep it going :-)

Already this week, 30 friends were doing a fundraising spinning class in the dark, wearing their best ‘glow in the dark’ neon lycra! Just last night I talked to 130+ of the adults who come in for Tuesday night services at B&S, giving them the chance to spare what they can. I want them to feel like their part of this challenge too. It’s them and the kids I’ll be thinking of when we inevitably hit the point of ‘why am I doing this?’

And one final thought. There’s one other person who will be with me throughout. ‘M’ was an inspiration to me as much as he was to all the young people at B&S. Very soon we’ll be publishing the book he helped to write before he died earlier this year but I’ll be sharing his motto whenever we need it: Never give up ;-) I might even tape it to my handlebars…”



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