Bringing Communities Together through Company Volunteering

Posted on: 16th December 2013

There’s a definite buzz in our building when we have groups of company volunteers working on Christmas challenges. We’re privileged to have a number of committed companies who send us their employees to share their enthusiasm, expertise and energy with us each year, and we’re always keen to welcome new partners on board too.

By spending time with us at Body & Soul, we hope our volunteers go away with a sense of accomplishment, of having connected to and reached out to a community that often struggles to feel accepted and valued.

Growing globalisation is somewhat of a double-edged sword. On the one hand it’s shrinking the world and bringing people who are far away, closer together. On the other, it can distance us from those around us, in our own communities. We’re connected to people through telephones, email, instant messaging, social media and perhaps less though direct contact and interaction. And it is this direct contact that sensitises us to the realities that surround our lives.

Company volunteering generates considerable benefits for everyone involved. At Body & Soul, we know how it serves as a fantastic team-building exercise; how it boosts teams’ morale and motivates them; how it helps them develop skills they never knew existed; how it enhances and gives them an opportunity to use their existing talents; how it unites them and how being involved and working together for a cause moves and motivates them to become actively involved in other causes.

As an organisation that uses all our resources for our programmes supporting people living with HIV, company volunteers also allow us to capitalise on their unique skill sets in order to to complement our existing capabilities. Volunteering helps companies re-establish their links with their local communities and provides them opportunities for sharing, dialogue and raised awareness about the forgotten needs of an often-invisible population.

Company volunteering opportunities at Body & Soul come in all shapes and sizes, but in this post, we’d like to offer a special thanks to all of the volunteers who’ve worked hard to make Body & Soul extra-special and extra-magical at this time of year. Your creativity, vision and hard work means that we are able to offer many of our members and opportunity to celebrate the achievements of another year and look with optimism and aspiration to the future.

Thank you x

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