Space – Why it Matters

Posted on: 4th February 2014

This post comes from Body & Soul staff member Ethan

“Before I worked for Body & Soul, I hired there rooms for meetings and conferences as often as I could for any events I was organising. Aside from that warm feeling of knowing our money was going on to do something special and worthwhile, I also did it because of Body & Soul’s attention to detail and the effort they made to make the space feel welcoming, to make it feel like home.

Body & Soul have recognised something that is not a new idea, but sadly it is an often overlooked one – the spaces we live in are incredibly important to our wellbeing, creativity and efficacy.

By way of example, I visited a Victorian prison once to learn more about how HMP Service was working to prepare individuals to re-enter society. The noise inside the building was deafening; the space felt confined; and everything was hard and uncomfortable. Let’s face it, the Victorians understood that space mattered; they wanted a prisoner to be afraid when they entered.

Now that I work for Body & Soul I know how hard we work to create a safe, comfortable and refreshing space for our members, clients and partners. It takes hard work, a keen eye, and high standards.

But it works and when people describe our space with phrases like “it feels like home”, we know we’ve succeeded.

At Body & Soul we’ve created a space where people can recharge from the chaos of daily life and feel able to achieve more and think more freely. It doesn’t matter if you’re a member, a volunteer or if you’re hiring the meeting rooms for the day, it still stands.”

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