The Monster Under the Bed: HIV through the eyes of our children

Posted on: 28th February 2014

How we talk to children about HIV has been a discussion at Body & Soul ever since we first opened our doors 18 years ago. The stigma that still surrounds HIV is undoubtedly responsible for the discussion of HIV still feeling like a huge challenge within any family.

It’s all the more refreshing then when you hear how some of our youngest members are able to help us see it all a little more simply.

Members of the BaSe get lots of support to talk and think about HIV in ways where it might begin to make a little more sense.

“HIV is like a bully. It’s scary on the outside but actually you’re stronger than it.”

“HIV is like a stray dog. When it comes close to people they get scared but that’s because they don’t really understand it.”

“HIV is like the monster under the bed. It’s frightening when you can’t see it and you imagine something terrible, but when you put the light on you can see it for what it really is.”

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