Perseverance and Empathy

Posted on: 14th March 2014

This post comes from Body & Soul’s Head of Operations, Abi Nolan.

This last week has provided me with a few instances that have reminded me (not that I often need reminding) how very lucky I am to be a part of Body & Soul.

Our open-hearted culture, blue sky thinking and perseverance through battles of challenge, loss and hardship are why we are still here today.

I wrote down the thoughts below when I first began my journey with Body & Soul. It feels like they have grown in significance whilst I have been here.

“The exchange of knowledge between communities requiring guidance and those individuals and groups with the capacity to provide that guidance is vital to empathy and its ability to grab the world, shake it and ask it to listen.

To never give up listening to our empathetic conscience is to persevere through the discomfort of walking in somebody else’s shoes. That walk can change the way we see things.

Once we cultivate a wider way of looking at the world, we can harness our positivity and use it to breed perseverance and success. Organisations such as Body & Soul are built on empathy, progress and perseverance. You can see it in the smiles of the members that come and see us every week and in the growth and recognition it rightly receives.

Without empathy, we’re left with a smaller world that doesn’t understand its social responsibilities or recognise the need to do anything that will enrich the lives of others.

The perspective brought about by feeling empathy towards another individual or community is fundamental for the development of us all. What we need is a collective agreement to promote the wellbeing and dignity of those that need a little extra support in life. This is increasingly important in an ever more complex world.

Persevering to gain the trust of those around us is invaluable to an organisation like Body & Soul. By maintaining our values, empathy and trust we can grow in the face of hopelessness and, most importantly, that it is possible to grab the world, shake it and ask it to listen.”


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