Skills Search: Expert Facilitators Needed!

Posted on: 19th March 2014

If you’re familiar with the Skills Search drill on the B&S blog, you’ll know that we usually announce one role at a time. Well, this time, we’ve decided to blitz it! Get in touch if you or anyone you know can help. As always, we’d love to hear from you.

Volunteers are at the forefront of Body & Soul and we need your help!

We are specifically looking for skilled professional volunteers that can run age-appropriate workshops with our Adults, Teens or Children’s groups in the following areas:

• Creative art sessions- building on skills and also using it to express emotions and feelings.

• Drama based workshops. Expressing your self through theatre.

• Running dance or movement therapy sessions with adults

• Circus skilled sessions e.g. – juggling, hula hooping

• Fitness sessions for teenagers

• CV writing classes

• IT specific skills

• Specific musical instrument training

• Textiles and Sewing skills

• Cooking on a budget that’s quick and easy sessions

• Courses on illustration

• Motivational speakers

• Specialist on HIV and the law

• Group sessions on Housing and Benefits

• Youth workers that can run a session on teenage development

• Professional health visitors with experience working with mothers and babies

We’re looking for volunteers to run workshops on a short-course or one-off basis depending on your outside commitment. We can be very flexible but all of our group sessions take place on Tuesday or Thursday evenings.

Warmth, friendliness, humility and the ability to form strong relationships are the core skills that we look for in all our volunteers. We look forward to hearing from you!

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