Dear Past Me – A Poem

Posted on: 24th March 2014

Body & Soul’s Younger Adults group just finished a month-long course looking at poetry and slam poetry. At Body & Soul we’ve long believed in the power of creativity for people living with HIV to express thoughts and feelings that otherwise can feel too hard to say.

This poem was written by Elizabeth, a new member who has only recently joined the group. If you are aged 19-28and living with or closely affected by HIV, we would love you to join us. Get in touch for more information about our Younger Adults group.

Dear past me

Dear past me.

Speak up, speak loud.

Be you, be proud.

Less yes, more no.

Question the status quo.

Do you want to be the spectator of this show?


The show of life when the curtain draws.

Do more now, before you never know.

Use your voice

You have a choice

Be mild and meek

Or a voice that speaks?


Maybe to a generation

Maybe to just friends

Maybe to the unknown through your computer lens


Remember past me


Your voice is your power

Today is your hour

No time to negotiate

Use your voice in debate


From future you

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