Baby Massage

Posted on: 26th March 2014

This post comes from Liz, who is working on parenting projects at Body & Soul whilst on secondment from John Lewis Oxford Street.

Last week, Body & Soul held a baby massage class for a small group of our littlest members and their mums. Baby massage is a simple skill for parents to learn and it has been suggested that this kind of contact, when carried out by mums in groups under instruction can be learnt easily and repeated at home.

Baby massage can have a positive impact on a range of different challenges facing families living with HIV, such as anxiety and depression, parental distress and bonding. Practicing baby massage can lead to more positive parent-child interactions.

We had a great turn out on the day with eight mums and their babies attending the session, which was really well received by everyone who attended, babies included!

For many of the mums, this was their first experience of baby massage so we hope that this session will equip them with some new skills to practice on their baby and that they can use the technique guide we provided and a bottle of massage oil to help. There was also a common agreement that they would like to attend if the baby massage became a regular course/session, so that’s the next step to work on!


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