Project Jam and Snapshot Songs

Posted on: 4th April 2014

Thanks to Meral for this post.

For the uninitiated, Project Jam is a weekly workshop at Teen Spirit that focuses on jam sessions, song writing, singing and performance. To attend Project Jam on a Thursday is to leave feeling energised, inspired and motivated.

The combined talent of Teen Spirit and the Project Jam volunteers is quite remarkable. Project Jam creates a positive atmosphere for members by providing an element of freedom and gives them the chance to break away from any challenges that may have been occurring in their life that week.

“It makes you forget about what has been going on in your day. It makes you feel at peace.”(Alice, 16)

Project Jam started working on a new song called Brave earlier this year which has come together really naturally. It first started in a session where members were openly talking about what Body & Soul and being brave meant to them. From this, they gathered ideas and began piecing together a melody on the piano. Together, the singers started free styling. Each singer spontaneously contributed a line and a chorus was created. The following weeks have seen the song really come together. Perfect timing, as we were approached soon after with an opportunity to perform at the Barbican’s Milton Court in April as a part of ‘Snapshot Songs’, which is a project led by Stuart Hancock and Liv Bradbury.

Snapshot Songs incorporates organisations and creative groups across London. It’s a great moment for Project Jam as it will allow members of Teen Spirit to showcase their new material to a huge audience as well as and have something really major to work toward.

We recently went to the Barbican Theatre to showcase ‘Brave’ and performed it in front of the other organisations taking part in Snapshot Songs. Now, a week away from the main event, we’re hoping you will join us at the Barbican for this brave performance! You can buy your tickets from the Snapshot Songs website.

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