In the Children’s Centre: Knowing the value of support

Posted on: 14th April 2014

Last week in the Children’s Centre we held the second week of a four week series supporting our littlest members to develop coping strategies for the challenges that we know are likely to come their way through being affected by HIV.   The night’s theme of ‘Space’ was aimed at supporting the children to recognise the people and places that support them.

Some of the older children attended a LaunchPad (educational) session where they spent some time thinking about what was special about Body & Soul.  They were asked to assemble their own ‘Body & Soul’ building, decorated with words and images that summed up what Body & Soul meant to them and how coming here supported them. As you can see below, they had a good idea of what makes Body & Soul so special!

Below are some highlights of what the children had to say:

“Body & Soul is happiness, cool, lovely and VERY amazing.

You spend time with friends doing activities that you’ll love.

The sensory room is a very fun place to spend time.
Its fun here…everyone is fun here…like a party.

I hope everyone has a good time when they are here… ‘cos I do
I feel epic and happy when I’m at Body and Soul

I feel confident when I’m here.
At Body & Soul you can feel relaxed

I feel able to trust people at Body & Soul”

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