Project Jam and Snapshot Songs – The Performance!

Posted on: 22nd April 2014

This blog comes from “M”, a member of Teen Spirit who recently took part in the Snapshot Songs project we recently blogged about.

To be invited to take part in the Snapshot Songs project was an unexpected surprise.  It seemed so far away at first, it was hard to get excited. All of the Project Jam team sat around a table and brainstormed ideas and shared our stories. This inspired us to start writing, figuring out some chords and starting work on the song structure. We discussed particular words that summed up our thoughts and feelings. The word that stuck out most was BRAVERY!

We agreed that we had all been brave in our experiences, especially those involving living with HIV. We agreed that when it comes to facing difficult situations we put on a brave face and work through it. At the end of the night the song “Brave” suddenly came together and we practiced and practiced until perfect!

Our first get together with the whole Snapshot Songs choir was around Christmas and we got to check out the performance space, meet the other performers and have a bit of a jam. We were last up on stage and performed for the first time in front of the team. We all felt a little nervous because they were hearing our song for the first time but that didn’t stop us! Everyone loved the song and could see the strong bond we all had at Body & Soul.

Finally, last week it was show time! On 13th of April we arrived at the Barbican and went straight to our dressing room that was surrounded with mirrors and lights!! Then we were interviewed and enjoyed some lovely compliments on our song – a few people even said it was their favourite! We were feeling confident for our first performance and therefore performed well, ending the show and taking part in a group freestyle.

On performance day number two we were feeling more relaxed and just took time to enjoy ourselves even more! We performed for the last time and it felt special to have the Body & Soul family supporting us. Things got a little emotional!

The Snapshot Songs project was rare and uplifting. I felt so alive and inspired; I guess living in London isn’t too bad after all.

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