All Geared Up

Posted on: 9th June 2014

Thanks to Teen Spirit volunteer Simone for this blog post

Thomas Jefferson once said that ‘a walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of life’. I have travelled there by plane and train, wandered the streets on foot and boated along the Seine, I have seen architectural beauty and I can never decide whether Paris is more beautiful by day or by night. Regardless of this, Paris at its most simple, is the city of love.

With this in mind, I’m going back to Paris to celebrate life, love and hope with Body & Soul.

Two wheels, a frame, some peddles, myself, and a chain to make all these things work together. This is what now stands between me and Paris, well, this and a casual 265 miles. When purchasing this bike I was told that really, I wanted a road-bike, or something lighter, as my daily 16 mile round trip commute would put this bike to the test (and my legs to theirs).

So why then, am I going to ride ye old faithful here 66 miles a day for four days in a row? The answer is quite simple really: because doing so will hopefully impress people just enough that they notice, and contribute to raising money for Body & Soul. In times when life, love and hope can make all the difference, there’s no better time than to help fight stigma against HIV.

I’ve been volunteering at Body & Soul for around 6 months now and a few miles on an imperfect push-bike seems like the least I can do to attract some attention to the challenges that teenagers face due to the stigma surrounding HIV. Working with Teen Spirit has made me fortunate enough to spend some great time with some inspiring young people. Just as they have inspired me, I now hope to inspire you through my journey to Paris. Whether this inspiration to help comes in the form of joining our team of dedicated cyclists/fundraisers, or through donating your hard earned cash monies, don’t wait a moment longer. Make a difference today.


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