Learning about the immune system, BaSe style

Posted on: 9th June 2014

Last week, a team of company volunteers from Aberdeen Asset Management transformed the basement into the inside of a human body complete with crepe paper heart, chicken wire DNA and cardboard intestines. We often say that volunteering is at the heart of what we do at Body & Soul but never has it been so literal!

On Tuesday the BaSe will embark on a legendary science fiction adventure, donning the guise of a team of scientists who shrink themselves and journey through the human body. Their mission will be to report back from the body’s frontline, delivering a news bulletin from the organs, tissue and cells that make up the immune system. The night will have elements of challenge, teamwork and creativity but most importantly will help Body & Soul to provide a really exciting learning experience for the children of the BaSe.

These types of interactive learning activities that captivate and inspire children just would not be possible without the enthusiasm and creative flair of our company volunteers. A huge thanks to the team from Aberdeen Asset Management and to all of the other company volunteers who transformed the building last week on Global Volunteering Day.

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