My Life at the Moment

Posted on: 25th June 2014

Take a look at this amazing poem which formed a rap written by Martine who is 13 and comes to the BaSe group. Martine wrote this rap as part of a project in the studio around the theme of “My Life”

“My life’s so hard at the moment,

Everyone’s hating, my brother’s getting hurt,

I just can’t take it

My Dad moved out of gaff, I was too young

to understand why he did this.

He told me to be whatever I want

Just make him proud

Reach for the clouds

He told me that he loved me

Look after my mum and he hugged me

Since then my life has changed

My brother was going through a hard time

His eyes were two slits that would make a snake proud

With a face that any painter would paint

As he walked through the crowd, I could feel his pain

Walking through the hood thinking it is

I’m still young, most of my friends are moving snakey

Telling me lies, trying to twist my tongue

But I told them I won’t take it

School’s getting difficult

Up in the morning and out to school

The teacher’s teaching the golden rule

History and maths, you studying hard and hoping to pass,

Working you fingers right down to the bone

And the girls behind you won’t leave you alone

My dream since I was a little girl was to be part of the music industry

Now I’m living that dream, now I’m heading up to the future

I’d like to meet my idols, humans not programmed in computers”

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