My Week by Head of Social Work Emile: Thursday

Posted on: 26th June 2014


I start my day with several cups of black coffee on the way to a Child In Need meeting over in Newham. My role is to ensure that Body & Soul’s support model for the family is included and incorporated into planning and follow up.

When I get back into the office I then meet with our current casework intern and we discuss some of the more complex cases she is currently working on. We really try to find opportunities for our interns to get some hands-on experience with casework so it’s vital that they feel supported and confident to do so… it can feel like a big responsibility.

After catching up on emails I then have reflective supervision with Body & Soul’s Head of Therapy and Advocacy Katherine who is a psychotherapist and a trained social worker too. I’m then joined by Rosie who is Head of Adult Services, for a joint supervision session.

After catching up on paperwork and monitoring, I meet with Sharon. Sharon has a fairly straightforward housing benefit/rent difficulty that could ordinarily be dealt with on a Tuesday evening. However, she suffers from very frequent panic attacks, is unable to make phone calls and avoids crowds at all costs.

Once we resolve Sharon’s issue, I spend the rest of the afternoon pushing for a professionals meeting and raise a statutory safeguarding alert for an older adult member who was recently left in the bath by her carers.

The young adults group is currently running on Thursday nights so I’ll stay until around 7.30pm working on some casework for members who are attending the sessions.


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