Everyone has a first day in the BaSe

Posted on: 8th July 2014

Thanks to Sage for this post. Find out more about internships at Body & Soul. 

“Walking into Body & Soul’s basement on my first day as an intern was a lovely experience – bright colours everywhere, filling a big open space. There were two rooms, the first with a ping pong table, boxing bags and a role out mat and goal to play football on. The other has tables and chairs, a projector screen, art supplies, a piano, drum kit, and a studio for recording. It was incredible the amount that this one floor had to offer to the members of the BaSe who come every Tuesday.

My first day working with the BaSe was a little overwhelming, as all new experiences and situations often are. There is a lot of thought and preparation that goes into the activities planned beforehand, and the peaceful set-up routine is shortly transformed into an immensely high-energy environment as the members arrive. Starting the evening with free time then moving along to dinner and then a workshop afterwards, I got to know the BaSe well and was instantly accepted into the group. I was so impressed by the volunteers who showed up for the evening, showing up after a day’s work at their full time jobs to help run the evening. The amount of dedication each of them has to Body & Soul is phenomenal, the organisation and the children have clearly made an impression on them.

After two months I can say that I’ve never been around such an energetic, excited, and amazing group of children or one that I have learnt so much from. Body & Soul provides a space where these children can be together, form friendships, learn, and do activities that they might not normally have access to. It’s a safe and enriching community that I am so glad to be a part of. My first impressions of the BaSe community were of a high-energy, positive, engaging, and safe environment and all of these and many more characteristics of it have been confirmed.

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